Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

New in

 Jeans top, Spiked bracelet, Pink skirt, Striped blouse - Primark || Shoes, Lace top, Long skirt - H&M || Sunglasses on the left - Six || Sunnies on the right - Bijou Brigitte
 Hey Guys.
On Monday I was shopping with friends and I actually planned not buying anything but the temptation was just too big! Here's another fact about me: I love Shopping! When I find something I really like, the next thing you know it's in my shopping bag! hahah. And I can't stop buying skirts. I wanted to buy a long skirt for so long and this one even has cut outs on each side. Anyways. how's the weather where you live? It can't make a decision here -.- The weather starts getting nice then the next day it starts raining! Summer? Where are you?
Love, Maureen


  1. wow- i just love the denim bralet and the white crop top! so beautiful!

    Check out my latest OOTD :-)

  2. Amazing pieces! Just fabulous:)

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