Hey Guys.
Name: Maureen
Age: 14
Nationality: German/Filipino
Where I live: Germany
What I post: Fashion, Tips, Make-up and more
When I post: Every Saturday.
10 random facts about Me and my life:
1. I love to travel but I get really nervous before the flight.
2. I was born in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia and lived there for 12 years.
3. I'm shy but you just have to get to know me. (I can be really crazy!)
4. I've got 3 sisters (Yes! We're 4 girls!) and a step-brother.
5. I love tiny things! I just think it's too cute! If I could choose between i.g. a giant pencil or a tiny one I'd take the small one immediately. haha.
6. My sisters say I'm weird.
7. Blogging helped me get more confident!
8. English is my mother-tongue.
9. Modeling is a 'secret' dream of mine! Shhh...
10. I love One Direction! *-*
Oh and you should definetely check out my Instagram @mauwrob and maybe follow. :)
Lots of love, Maureen

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