Samstag, 27. April 2013

I want you to stay

 Dress,Vest - H&M || Shoes - No name || Hat - Monki 

Hey Guys.

Are you enjoying the sun too? The weather here is mostly nice but it can get so nasty too. Well, a typical April month! -.- Can't wait till Summer!
School is really stressing me out with homework, studying, exams etc. but it can't keep me away from blogging! I hope you like this post and if you do like my Blog/Posts please don't hesitate to follow. It means loads to me :)

Lots of Love, Maureen

Till next Saturday!

Montag, 22. April 2013

New in

 Shoes - Deichmann || Printed Pants, Bandeau, Hat - Monki || Rest - H&M
Hey Guys.
A few weeks ago, I was in Hamburg and this is what I purchased. I must say most of my clothes are from H&M. I just adore their collections and their latest one is so nice!
And I've been looking for a high-low skirt all this time and I'm super happy I've finally found one!! I really love skirts lately and I'm definitely going to buy more!!
This post was a little late and I'm sorry for that but better to late than never! :)
The next post will be punctual on Saturday.
Love, Maureen

Samstag, 13. April 2013

Take me on a roadtrip

 Hat - Monki || Top, Skirt - H&M 

Hey Guys.
Here's another thing I love and that is posing in front of the camera. :) The weather was really nice today so I decided to take some pictures. It was quite windy but the sun was burning hot. Anyways, two weeks ago I was in Hamburg and I found many clothings in H&M. You should definitely check out their new collection.
Have a great weekend! 
Love, Maureen

Sonntag, 7. April 2013


Hey Guys.
My name is Maureen and I'm 14 years old. I'm a Eurasian (German/Filipino) girl living in Germany for almost 3 years already. I love Fashion, travelling, drawing and the Summer. In this Blog I'll be posting about Fashion, make-up, what I love, tips and more. I hope you'll enjoy reading/viewing my Blog and I appreciate every single follow and oppinion I get. I post once a week, every Saturday. So stay tuned.
You should definitely check out my Instagram @mauwrob and maybe follow. :)
P.S: I'm not new to the Blogger world! This is my second Blog. I just needed a new start because I didn't like my old Blog anymore and didn't take Blogging very seriously.